Are Yorkshire Terriers Curious Dogs?

Are Yorkshire Terriers curious dogs?
Curious Yorkie
  • Yorkies are very curious dog breed that have no fear and love to stick their noses and paws everywhere. To them if something is new, they should explore it and give it a try, until they understand that it’s painful or boring.
  • Yorkshire Terriers also love to sniff, lick, jump on, chew, pull and paw at everything to figure it out and “learn” more about it.
  • These curious Yorkies can sometimes get into troubles, so even if your house is a safe place for them and well managed, it’s better to always keep your eyes on them.
  • If you are going to bring a Yorkshire Terrier to your house, make sure to manage and adapt it well for the upcoming Yorkie! So are Yorkshire Terriers curious dogs?

Are Yorkshire Terriers fearless dogs?

  • Yes, even if Yorkies are small and only weigh up to 7 pounds but these dogs are strong, fearless and will face down large sized dogs or rush into a burning building to save a person unlike so many other dogs who will hide when in danger. Yes, there are small, but they don’t seem to realize that.
  • When Yorkies feel something unusual like loud or unfamiliar sounds and maybe a stranger or a house guest, they start barking and it takes a while for them to trust them, but when they do, they become friendly and peaceful.
  • Yorkies are not just curious and brave but also very protective little dogs and loyal to their owners and homes.

Are Yorkshire Terriers smart dogs?

  • Yes, Yorkies are a smart dog breed even if they are a little stubborn and not that easy to train (of course that’s what Terriers known for), so you have to train early your puppy, and always reward them with treats (It works well when training your Yorkie puppy).
  • Also Yorkshire Terriers tend to get bored easily so keep the sessions short and try to change the activities as much as possible and teach them new tricks because they are fast learners and love to try new things.

Are Yorkshire Terriers protective of their owners?

Are Yorkshire Terriers protective of their owners?
Protective Yorkie
  • Yes, Yorkies are brave and very protective dogs, they will create such a noise if someone get near their homes or owners.. and here is a story that prove it, a 5 years little Yorkie named Milo from Texas was able to rescue a one year old child and defend a 100 pound bear that walked in his owner’s house. The owner was in another room when he heard Milo barking (probably at the bear that tried to go near the little baby), when the owner went in to see what’s happening he found a big scary bear in the sitting room. The bear was scared from Milo’s non stop barking and ran out the door. The owner, the baby, the brave Milo and the bear were all untouched and fine.
  • So yes, Yorkies are very brave, fearless and protective of their environment!

Are Yorkshire Terriers easy to train?

  • Although Yorkies are smart and active dogs, they are stubborn and need more time and patience during the training.
  • Also they seem to get bored easily, so you’ll have to teach them new tricks every time because they love to learn new things whenever possible and also result the sessions with treats if they performed well.
  • In addition, it’s better to begin training early your puppy when he’s 8 to 10 weeks old.

What are Yorkshire Terriers exercise needs?

  • Yorkies like all other dogs are energetic, love to play and exercise. So you need to provide them with a regular exercise and if you can’t with a daily walk, also you can take them when you go out for jogging, running or riding your bicycle, a big quantity of energy which is not released can lead to negative habits, like constant barking, chewing your house’s furniture and messing around. The daily walk helps them to get rid of the excess energy, gives them the opportunity to meet other dogs and make friends, helps them to stay healthy and also to have a deep better sleep at night.

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