What is Yorkie day?

What is Yorkie day?
National Yorkie day
  • National Yorkshire day is an annual american carnival which began in 2004, the purpose of this day is to celebrate all Yorkshire Terrier dogs and their owners.
  • The Yorkie carnival is held every September in Pennsylvania, America.. People and their Yorkshire Terriers come from all over the country to join and enjoy.
  • There are some kind of games and events where the small Yorkies can participate and challenge each other by doing tricks in order to have fun and win prizes. And that’s what owners and their Yorkies do in the Yorkie day.

What are Yorkshire Terriers?

  • Yorkshire Terriers or sometimes called Yorkies are a small sized breed of dogs, very light dogs they weigh about 4- 7 pounds, and their height is about 8- 9 inches. Their coats can be in Black and Gold color, Black and Tan, Blue and Gold and Blue and Tan. Even if they are a type of Terriers, sometimes they are classified as a toy dog.

Where did Yorkshire Terriers come from?

  • Yorkshire Terriers breed have descended from 2 breeds, Paisley Terrier and another breed of terrier type dog that both don’t exist anymore now. Years ago they were know as Scotch Terriers and Toy Terriers.

How did Yorkshire Terriers get their name?

  • Yorkshire Terriers originate from Yorkshire (A historic county in northern England), the place they got their names from!
  • They were bred with small bodies to catch rats and mice in factories and mills. They were exported to other countries around the world after being confirmed as useful little dogs.
  • Yorkshire Terriers were identified as an official dog breed by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 1885, and now they are listed in top 10 most popular dog breeds in the world (2015- 2018).

Are Yorkshire Terriers good as pets?

  • Yes absolutely, they are very active indoors and will be okay for apartment living what makes them perfect company for aged people, even if they like playing outdoors they should not be left out for too long.
  • Yorkies are quite sensitive to the cold and prefer hot temperature, and they can also adapt easily to any environment.
  • Yorkies might not be the best option for families with kids. But if you are really into the Yorkshire Terrier breed, have a yorkie puppy grow up with your kids and provide them with such good and relaxed experiences to reduce the risks.

How small are Yorkshire Terriers?

the smallest cup yorkie in the world
Small Yorkie
  • Yorkies are the smallest dogs in the world, even if the smallest living dog now is a chihuahua named Milly (3.8 inches in height), but Guinness World Records has recorded that Milly is not the smallest dog who ever existed, but a tiny Yorkshire Terrier named Sylvia, measured 2.5 inches in height, 3.5 inches in length and weighted just 4 ounces. Sylvia died in 1945 but is still a record breaker.

Do Yorkshire Terriers have hair instead of fur?

  • Yes, contrary to other dog breeds, Yorkies have hair instead of fur, and the advantage of this for owners is they don’t leave much mess on furniture, sofas and tapestries..
  • Yorkies shed a negligible amount of hair.
  • Yorkshire Terriers are recommended for people who do not want to deal with dog hair in everywhere.
  • The Kennel club recommend that Yorkies should have long hair down to their feet, but other owners think that it’s shouldn’t be so long that become an impediment to them when moving, and many owners prefer to cut their yorkies hair short, but finally everyone has their taste.

Facts about Yorkies’ teeth

  • All dogs have 2 periods of teeth growing during their life, and so are the Yorkies, the first period is called milk or puppy teeth and it consists of 28 teeth that start to grow when the puppy is 1 – 2 months old, the second period comes when they fully grow up and become adults (4 – 8 months old), and it consists of 42 teeth.
  • Like all other dogs, Yorkshire Terriers are born without teeth and they only feed on their mother’s milk.
  • If your Yorkie have some teeth issues, you have to visit a veterinarian so he can treat them expertly.

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