Most asked questions about Dachshunds

Are Dachshunds a popular dog breed ? Absolutely yes! It’s one of the most popular dog breed in the world! It was listed top 4/10 in 2001 by the KCA. They are active dogs with surprising stamina, friendly, sweet, and cuddly. And that’s what makes them likable and lovable by most people. A huge number … Continue reading “Most asked questions about Dachshunds”

Most asked questions about French Bulldogs

What are French Bulldogs? The French Bulldog, also known as Frenchie and Bouledogue Fran├žais, a small domestic dog breed, one of the most lovely and adorable dog breeds ever. They are becoming more popular year after year, in 2015 they were the sixth most popular AKC registered dog breed, and the fourth in 2017. French … Continue reading “Most asked questions about French Bulldogs”

Best questions about Greyhounds

What are greyhound dogs? Greyhounds known as “the world’s fastest 40 mph couch potato” and sometimes called “Sloughi” are gentle, slim dog breed with a classic look who can fit into almost any home. They were bred for speed, they are so fast (up to 70km per hour), the thing that makes them perfect for … Continue reading “Best questions about Greyhounds”