10 Most Asked Questions About Pugs You Should Know!

Here you can find detailed answers to 10 most asked questions about Pugs, to decide if a Pug is the right breed for you if you are going to get one!

Most Asked Questions About Pugs
Pugs facts and questions

Most Asked Questions About Pugs:

What are pugs?

Pugs are considered one of the oldest dog breeds, they have a short face with deep wrinkles and big expressive eyes, the thing that gave them a unique unusual look and made them a popular breed. They love their owners and follow them wherever they go, they also like to be loved back as well! Pugs are lovely and have a remarkable personality and the more time passes the more popular they become! They have also been the pets of some emperors, kings and queens.

What is a Grumble of Pugs?

A question that many people ask! There is many unusual words that describe groups of animals but did you know what a group of pugs is called? Well it’s called a Grumble, a collective noun that refers to a group of pugs (3 pugs minimum)! If someday you see by chance a pack of pugs playing in the park, you can confidently say that they are a grumble of pugs. Also in Germany pugs are called mops, and Chinese people call them Lo-Sze ( maybe it refers to Low-Size).
So if you don’t have at least 3 pugs, and you want to call them a grumble, get more pugs! Anyone would love to have a grumble of pugs, because they look cute together!

What do Pugs look like?

  • Pugs are square small dogs (Their normal weight can’t be more than 20 pounds), stocky and large in a small little space. They have a round head that looks big compared to its body. Its comical face looks a little like it has been squashed, and has large and deep wrinkles especially the forehead, and that’s what some people love the most about the Pugs. Its coat is smooth, fine and short. They have big dark eyes, medium thin ears and a small curled tail. They sometimes may have moles on the sides of their cheeks (beauty spots), and a black muzzle (mask) which other Pug lovers find it the most beautiful thing about them. Their lower teeth extend slightly beyond their upper teeth
  • We can say that Pugs are a long legged type of Pekingese dogs.
  • Also Pugs come in three colors: Black, beige and grey.

Are Pugs easy to train?

Are Pugs easy to train?
Caressing a sleeping Pug
  • Pugs are sometimes stubborn and willful that’s why they are not always easy to train, sometimes when teaching a puppy pug a new trick you might think that is an impossible mission, but don’t worry just be patient and ambitious and they will do well with time (because they are loyal and love their owners).
  • Also remember it’s very important to be gentle when training them! because Pugs are sensitive to their owner’s voices.
  • Another thing, Pugs are very intelligent and can get bored quickly if things become too repetitive for them, so make sure to always teach them new stuff and tricks and not the same routine everyday.

How long does it take to house train a Pug?

  • Like all puppies, Pug puppies can’t control their bladders and might have little accidents, so make sure before getting a new puppy home to have a stock of puppy pads and paper towels and be ready for these little accidents.
  • It usually takes 4 to 6 months and sometimes up to a year for some puppies to be fully house trained, but for Pugs 6 months is enough for them to be fully house trained!
  • Start house training your puppy pug when he is 10 weeks to 15 weeks old, at this age they must have enough control of their bowels and bladders. Also if your Pug puppy is older than 15 weeks when you first bring him home, the house training may take a little longer, but just with a little of patience, consistency and positive reinforcement in the form of treats and rewards and you’ll be just fine!

What’s the best way to train Pugs?

  • As we know Pugs are a little stubborn, what makes training them a challenge for you. And you should begin training your pug as soon as he gets home.
  • Pugs love and respond better to treats, so when training your Pug make sure to encourage them with dog snacks, and it’s a great idea to show them that your way is the right way to do it! Just stay away from chocolate and cocoa products as they are very toxic to dogs.
  • Start training your dog with the basic commands like sit, come, wait and heel, cause when he learns this basic commands, he will have the right basis to learn all the other commands!

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  • Have a crate for you Pug, because crate training will help and keep your dog away from house dangers, and also it’s a good place to go back to if annoyed or disturbed.
  • Again if you are too busy and you cannot stay home all day with your doggy or you cannot take him out in a walk, gate him off an area in your home to stay during your absence.

How should I take care of my Pug?

How should I take care of my Pug?
Pug puppy
  • Pugs need daily walk on a leash to keep their weight controlled since they are prone to weight gain! And like we said before Pugs are very willful and will try to lead the way while walking, so remember that is you who are leading the Pug and not the opposite (always show your Pug that you are the boss). Fun games and energetic games are also great for your Pug, just not for too long, if you see them wheeze or tired so it’s time to take a break.
  • And as they are prone to weight gain, it is very necessary to watch over their diet and their eaten calories, just a regular quantity of food that won’t make them over weight and won’t lead to serious health issues.
  • Also keep your Pug’s mouth clean because it’s healthy and really important for their overall health.

Are Pugs Brachycephalic?

  • Yes they are, Pugs are one example of dog breeds that suffer from Brachycephalic syndrome, but first what does Brachycephalic means? If you you don’t know what it means, read on, learn and add this big word to your vocabulary!
  • Brachycephalic originates in ancient Greece and It simply means having a relatively broad, short skull usually where the breadth is at least 80% of the length, and this what causes them a squashed face look. Also this shape of face make it hard for them to breathe.
  • More Brachycephalic dogs:
    -Shih Tzus
    -Japanese chins
  • Some Symptoms:
    Rapid breathing, noisy breathing, having difficulty when eating or swallowing, snoring, gagging, choking, vomiting and more.
  • So here is some tips to help your dog avoiding these symptoms:
    They should maintain a perfect body weight, prevent stress, less exercise especially in hot weathers and always keep them cool.
  • Do all pugs suffer from The Brachycephalic syndrome? Yes, it’s just a matter of how serious is it.

Do Pugs have any health problems?

  • Another question that anyone asks before owning a dog. Yes like any other dog breed, Pugs do tend to suffer from some various health problems, but It doesn’t mean that all pugs suffer from health problems, some might never get any health issues at all.
  • Pugs can catch cold easily during the winter, and also due to their sensitive skin, they do not like intense climates ( both cold and hot), and they are also prone to allergies.
  • Like we said before, Pugs are Brachycephalic, which means they have short skull, muzzles, the thing that can cause them some breathing problems! And that’s why they tend to snort, wheeze and more..

What kind of temperament do Pugs have?

  • Pugs are great watchdogs and very loyal to their owners. If visitors arrive or someone come near the door or knock on it, they will sound off with their odd barking, but it doesn’t mean that they are not friendly, even if they bark at people outside the house, they will welcome them inside with snorts, wheezes and their strange sounds (by the way this sounds are lovable to some people and annoying to some others).
  • Also Pugs are very friendly toward other pets, visitors and kids, but they might become jealous if their owners not giving them much attention or taking care of another pet instead!

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