10 Kevlar dog toys (Most indestructible toys)

indestructible dog toys
Kevlar dog toys

Unlike other reviews on the internet, this review is part like a personal review, we research the web and we report what other people are saying about the best Kevlar dog toys and what rating out of 10 they gave them. The benefit from this is that you save time! Read on as we share with you some amazing indestructible toys.

Does your dog destroy his toys? Does your dog destroy your sofa, pillows or toilet paper rolls? Well this is the right place for you!

Dogs are big fans of destroying things, and that’s why we call them aggressive chewers, aggressive chewers are dogs that chew with such energy and power that they break or destroy the object they are chewing on.

Quick Overview: Best Kevlar dog toys


Water Bottle ToyCheck product
99.1/10Nylabone Durable Dental DinosaurCheck product
88.9/10Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Monster BoneCheck product
79.1/10Planet Dog Orbee Tuff FootballCheck product
69/10Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Diamond PlateCheck product
59.1/10Jolly Pets Romp nRoll BallCheck product
49.1/10Nylabone Dura Chew WishboneCheck product
39.2/10Virtually indestructible dog chew toyCheck product
29/10KONG Extreme Dog ToyCheck product
19.2/10Goughnuts Indestructible Chew DOG ToyCheck product

Pit bulls, Labs, German Shepherds and other powerful breeds are known for being strong chewers, but even small bread dogs can destroy toys in no time if they desire. The worst thing about it.. Apart the possibility of your dog is swallowing “not edible material“.. Is the waste of money on these toys that your dog enjoys only for a little time (maybe few hrs or even few mins). So the best thing is to invest some good money into some amazing indestructible toys.

Every dog has emotional and physical needs, we human fulfill these needs by playing with them feeding them and caring about them, but sometimes when they are home alone, toys are their best friends. Toys help dogs to be happy.. Toys improve their physical and intellectual development.. Toys make them feel refreshed!


We all know that it’s hard to find the perfect chew toy for your chewing doggy.. so here is a list of top 10 indestructible toys that would be great for your dog. Their ratings are based on the quality, features and price!

#10.Crinkits 16.9 Oz Water Bottle Toy

This is a great durable, interactive toy for dogs that love to chew and play with empty water bottles.

The toy helps reduce boredom and anxiety. Made with Soft material which is easy on the mouth, making it perfect for dogs.

It comes in blue color what makes it easy to detect in the grass and also it’s easy to clean.

Online reviewers stated that this toy was 9 stars out of 10:

  • “Highly recommendable for highly energetic, highly destructive, spoiled rotten dogs.”
  • “Best Investment for an Aggressive Chewer!”
  • “Lab tested, Lab approved, my Lab won’t give it back!”
  • “My parents have a jack Russell puppy that destroys EVERYTHING this is one of two toys that she hasn’t ruined.”

Check product

#9.Nylabone Durable Dental Dinosaur

Dogs have definite preferences when it comes to items they enjoy chewing.. this Fun dinosaur shape dog chew toy has a Long-lasting delicious chicken flavor what keeps your dog engaged with it and also it has rounded nubs that help cleaning teeth and tartar.

There are 3 versions of this toy: A T-Rex, Brontosaurus, and a Stegosaurus.

Some great online customers reviews:

  • “The Perfect Solution for Me and my bull terrier”
  • “But that is much more than anyone expected and it is still one of his favorite things.”
  • “Great for healthy teeth and gums”
  • “Great for puppy who chews everything plastic/electronic”

Check product

#8.Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Monster Bone Dog Chew

The bone toy comes in different delicious chicken flavors.

Tough and durable nylon bone keeps powerful chewers busy (dogs more than 50 pounds).

While chewing this dog chew toy help cleaning teeth and establish a positive dental health routine for your dog.

Online reviewers stated that the toy is “Perfect for our dogs”

  • “The Only Chew Toy That Actually Lasts for Months.”
  • “I don’t want to meet the dog that can get through this!!!”
  • “One of my Shih Tzu’s favorites toys”
  • “Dog loves it and so do we! It’s the perfect combination for our Aussie.”

Check product

#7.Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Football, Chew-Fetch-Play Toy for Medium to Large Dogs

If your dog loves watching rugby, so this may be the right toy for him.

The toy is made in USA, non toxic, BPA and phthalate free. Great mental stimulation for dogs when you can add treats inside it, which is guaranteed to keep your heavy chewer occupied.

The toy comes with great initial minty smell.

online reviewers stated that this toy was 9.1 stars out of 10:

  • “I absolutely LOVE this toy. It has been a lifesaver for my sanity when my dogs need a distraction.”
  • “Favorite Dog Toy. Kinda Pricey”
  • “A favorite of our working German Short haired Pointer”
  • “This is great!! I bought this 8 months ago and it’s still going strong.”

Check product

#6.Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Diamond Plate Double Tuff

As you can see in the name “diamond plate” we all know that diamond is “unbreakable” so the toy is made specifically for durability.

Standard balls are not for aggressive chewers but this one is.. also it’s non toxic, BPA and phthalate free and infused with natural mint oil.

This toys manufacturer, also has tough footballs, soccer balls, and an assortment of really strong durable toys.

Available in a variety of sizes and colors so make sure to find the perfect one for your puppy.

Most helpful reviews :

  • “This is our dog’s favorite toy. He carries it around with him everywhere”
  • “We love watching our Poodle play with it”
  • “This is truly a “tough” toy. My Pit-bull is destructive but hasn’t even been able to destroy this!”
  • “My 30 pound Australian Cattle dog puppy is chew crazy. His whole purpose in life is chewing things up.”

Check product

#5.Jolly Pets Romp nRoll Ball

This jolly toy may be the one for water loving dogs, the ball stay floating and will not deflate if punctured.

You can play tug of war (or Drag the Dog), play fetch with your dog.. also he can chew on it of course and so on.

The toy helps satisfy a dog’s emotional needs.

Made of non-toxic Polyethylene plastic .. safe for both you and your dog

Great ball toy for playing with outside!

Some good reviews online about the Jolly Pet Ball:

  • “The puppy immediately loved it. Although teaching her other things is going..”
  • “Best ball! Entertaining for him and us”
  • “While the rope lasted, our German Shepherd would swing the ball back and forth using the rope and hit himself with the ball”

Check product

#4.Nylabone Dura Chew Wishbone

If your dog is bone lover, well this toy is for you.. this long lasting toy challenges the most aggressive chewers, made with tough durable nylon, satisfies your dog’s natural urge to chew and also helps clean teeth while chewing

Nylabone makes its bone toys with flavors infused all the way through, to keep dogs engaged with the chew and provide them with long-lasting enjoyment.

Go ahead and throw your dog a Nylabone!

Some online reviews about this toy:

  • “Best thing for dogs that chew.”
  • “It’s kept up and I can see it lasting for a while instead of a few minutes like he’s other toys”
  • “Amazing for my dog’s teeth. Never looked cleaner!”
  • “Finally! A toy my Golden Retriever can’t destroy!!!”

Check product

#3.Indestructibone XL Plus – Virtually indestructible dog chew toy – For dogs 51-100 lbs.

Made especially for dogs that chews with such strength and power.

The toy has two small holes on each side so you can put in there your dog’s favorite food flavor.

This indestructible bone is made for dogs up to 50-100 lbs ( both small and large breeds).

Other reviewers stated:

  • “Great toy for aggressive chewers. So far it is still intact from Christmas and my pit bull mix loves it.”
  • “My dogs love them and have not destroyed had over a month”
  • “My Yorkshire Terrier likes it very much, I give it 5 stars”
  • “My 2 year old Staffordshire/Kangaroo Roxie (she has some serious spring in her step) LOVES this toy.”

Check product

#2.KONG Extreme Dog Toy, Black

Recommended for dogs with powerful strong jaws (large breeds dogs).

As you can see in the picture it has three levels, so your dog can choose the right size for his mouth.

A high quality natural rubber which is stronger and safer than standard dog toy rubber which makes it very robust and durable while still remaining gentile on a dog’s mouth.

As always with Kong toys, durability and toughness is guaranteed with the US made Wobbler.

Online reviewers rated this toy 9 stars out of 10 and stated that the toy is

  • “Good investment. Buy multiple Kongs. Fill with moist dog food and freeze”
  • “Got a pit bull? This might be life changing for you! “
  • “My dog LOVES his Kong and can’t shred it”

Check product

#1.Goughnuts Indestructible Chew DOG Toy

For me this is top one indestructible toy based on my experience and other customers review.

OK, it’s not a ball but it’s a strong doughnut toy made by natural black rubber which makes it non-toxic and 100% safe for your dog, also the rubber exhibits high tensile strength what makes it more durable and resistant, that’s why we recommend this one for large breed dogs (powerful chewers).

For dog’s safety, the toy has a red internal, as long as you are not seeing any red, your dog can chew as much as he wants.

If you are not a fan of the black color, the product comes also in yellow, orange and green color.

Reviewers have rated this toy 9.2 stars out of 10, stating that:

  • “perfect toy for my German shepherd”
  • “Durable, just make sure on the sizing!”
  • “My French Bulldog loves it, and it has withstood her best efforts!”

DoggyPure agrees and recommends this toy as the top 10 Toughest dog toys.

Check product


  1. Try to give your dog a variety of different toys that he can chew on or play with, so you make sure he does not get bored while playing with any of his toys.
  2. What dog doesn’t love a squeaky toy? A toy with an internal squeaker is better than a toy without one because it can motivate your dog to stay engaged with it unless if you are not a big fan of noises, like we all know squeaky toys become sometimes very noisy.
  3. You have to make sure that the toy you are buying is 100% safe for your dog and non-toxic ( read the description of the Item for that ) because while your dog is playing with the toy, there will be a lot of licking chewing and even swallowing.
  4. Ensure that the toy is the suitable size for your dog’s mouth (you can check the description of the product before buying it). A toy that is too big for a small bread dog may discourage him from playing with it.

In this article, we reviewed top 10 best Kevlar stuffed dog toys on the market today. So you are now full of knowledge and recommendations to help you choose the perfect toy for your dog.

You have an aggressive chewer dog in your life? Tell us about him in the comments section.. We would like to know!

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    • Hey Alicia, yes it is very solid and tough, and about the indestructible squeaky dog toys, we’ll think about writing an article about the best ones in the market very soon, thank you for your interest.


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