How often to brush my Pug’s teeth? And how to?

How often to brush my Pug's teeth?
How to keep your dog’s teeth clean
  • Keeping your dog’s mouth clean is healthy and really important for their health in general. Unlike humans who need at least 3 brushing per day for a good oral hygiene, dogs only need 1 time per day, we recommend it by night even if the time is not really important, what’s matters is the regularity, choose a time that fits in with your schedule and maintain it every day. And you can do it without putting your dog under Anesthesia or taking him to the vet.
  • Many people ask how often to brush my dog’s teeth.. So with 1 good cleaning per day (3 to 4 minutes), bad smells and bacteria will be kept away from your Pug’s mouth, and also it will remove plaque and keep that plaque from turning into tartar. Again It will be important to brush the front, back and sides of the teeth.

But first you will need to train your Pug to get used to this cleaning process. Here is 3 steps that can help you to do so:

  1. Start by rubbing your Pug’s teeth each day for about a week, try to brush all the parts of teeth (front, back and sides) for 3 to 4 minutes per day. Do this in a comfortable situation.
  2. Then after the first week, you can use a puppy finger tooth brush or a small toothbrush for small to medium dog breeds. Start brushing your Pug’s teeth with the new toothbrush but do not apply paste only add some water to it, and repeat the process for another few days.
  3. After few days, you will need to add some paste to the toothbrush. And like we know dogs cannot spit out the paste, you have to use a quality puppy toothpaste that is safe to swallow since the human toothpaste can be toxic if swallowed.
  • Also the Dental Chews can be useful if you are too busy to clean your Pug’s teeth. Quality dental chews are great to your Pug’s overall health. They are made exactly to clean your dog’s teeth, freshen bad breath and to reduce plaque and tartar as the toothbrush can do.

P.S: Be careful when choosing a dental chew, as many of them contain suspicious elements, or extra calories. We recommend you the Blue Buffalo Dental Chews on amazon.

Facts about Pugs teeth

  • New born Pug puppies are born without teeth, and they will grow their first baby milk teeth when they reach the 6th or 8th week of age. So if you are going to get a new Pug puppy, it should have grown a full set of 28 baby milk teeth!
  • Then, when the puppy reaches the 3th or the 4th month of age, the baby milk teeth will begin to fall out (the thing that you can’t notice sometimes, because they are so small and even sometimes puppies swallow them when eating.. and that’s not a thing to worry about) and replaced with new adult teeth.
  • Also the duration of teeth growing varies from dog to dog, sometimes a Pug puppy begin to teeth up until when he’s 8 months old!

Pugs as pets?

Pug's teeth clean brushing
Pugs as pets
  • Pugs are gentle and friendly pets. They are affectionate, cheerful and loyal. Sometimes calm and dignified.
    Also Pugs are very smart dogs and they might get bored quickly, so you better give them much attention and keep them amused by playing with them and taking them out in a walk etc.. As we all know dogs are time consuming!
  • Pugs sometimes are very stubborn, so you must enforce yourself and let them know who is the boss and show them that you mean what you say otherwise they will control you. Severe punishment is not needed with Pugs, like all other dog breeds!
  • Finally a Pug is like a kid and always needs to be around you.

When did Pugs arrive in Europe?

  • Early in the sixteenth & seventh centuries, Pugs arrived from China to the Europe, by a Dutch east India Company who made so much trades all over Asia. The dutch loved very much the Pugs that William III ( also known as the prince of orange ) owned 2 Pugs (which turned out later to be a wise choice), one of them was named Pompey and it’s said that in
    1572, Pompey alerted His owner to an assassination attempt. One night while the prince was sleeping, some assassins sneaked to his tent, Pompey felt them and started barking and jumped on his prince’s face to wake him up. Finally he saved his master’s life, and was declared the official dog of the dutch House of Orange.

How long have Pugs been on earth?

  • The Pug breed is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Originated in China around 700 BC, and that they are descended from the short haired Pekingese, the Lion dog and the Lo-sze which was the ancient Pug. They were bred to be companions for the members of the Chinese imperial and of course they lived in luxurious conditions, and even some of them had their personal guards!
  • Pugs have been well known in Europe in the latter 15th and early 16th century when China began trading them and became very popular amongst the royal households of Europe . And finally the AKC recognized the Pug in 1885.

Other names of the Pug: Chinese Pug, Dutch Bulldog, Dutch Mastiff, Mini Mastiff, Mops, Mopshond, Carlin, Doguillo and more.

Some celebrities With Pugs?

  • Many Pugs nowadays are living the high life with their celebrity owners. Here is some celebrities who do own Pugs as a life style pet:
  • Gerard Butler from the movie “300” he owns a cute little Pug named Lolita who is always pleased to take pictures with him.
  • Billy Joel an American pianist, singer-songwriter, and composer.
  • Ted Danson an American actor and producer who played the main character Sam Malone on the TV show “Cheers”, he is also fan of Pugs and owns a Pug called Roxy.
  • Anna Faris an American actress , producer, fashion model and more. Particularly the lead character in the Scary Movie films, owns a Pug called Bonzo.

Pugs also inspired many famous artists!

Pugs also inspired many famous artists!
Pug painting
  • William Hogarth, an English painter, print-maker, pictorial satirist, editorial cartoonist and more.. who lived from (10 November 1697 – 26 October 1764).
  • William loved his pet Pugs and included them in his paintings many times. He was also a popular portrait painter, he made a big success and lot of money by painting people, there are also portraits of his wife and his sisters. One of the most popular painting is a self portrait where he painted himself with his Pug (named Trump).
  • William was not the only artist fan of Pugs, with their temperaments and look, they inspired many other artists to paint them.

Some Pugs were even featured in movies

  • Pugs make great character actors with their interesting history, their famous relations and their lovely temperaments. They became movies stars themselves.
  • Some of the best movies starring Pugs are: Men in Black, The Adventures of Milo & Otis, Kingsman: The Secret Service.
  • Also some animated cartoon movies like: The Nut Job, The Secret Life of Pets and the famous Disney tale Pocahontas (A romance story between a young American Indian woman named Pocahontas and Captain John Smith ).
  • So like we said it has to be admitted that the Pugs make a great character actors with their squashed noses and wrinkled cute faces!

What can I name my Pug?

  • Here is the top 10 most awesome dog names of all time!

Male names :
1.Max 2.Charlie 3.Buddy 4.Cooper 5.Jack 6.Riley 7.Milo 8.Dexter 9.Oscar 10.Beau

Female names :
1.Daisy 2.Lola 3.Lily 4.Molly 5.Mia 6.Sasha 7.Coco 8.Lexi 9.Cookie 10.Lady

  • You might have noticed that some of these names are human names, some people make their pets sound like that to help them becoming a real part of the family.
  • Also those names can work with all small dogs such as: Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Yorkies, Beagles, Bulldogs.. and more!

Please feel free to tell us which name you liked in the comments section and also if you gonna name your doggy with.

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