Do Greyhounds have any unusual or funny habits?

Do Greyhounds have any unusual or funny habits?
Greyhound laughing

Yes, they do! And sometimes these habits can without a doubt make their owners laugh.

  • They sometimes sleep flat on their backs with their legs up in the air, funny habit isn’t it? And the reasons why they sleep on their backs, first it’s because they find it a very comfortable position and it allows his muscles to relax, secondly they do it to cool off if it’s hot, and thirdly because they feel very confident and safe in their home environment.
  • They sleep up to 22 hours a day, they have been dozing all day and wake up for a quick break for lunch or some cookies and stretch their muscles a little, and again they will sleep all night long.
  • Greyhounds also have been known with the ability of sleeping with open eyes, unusual habit right? Another unusual thing that is not really a habit, they can not sit like normal dogs, because of their body structure, normal sitting positions can cause them some pain, and their curved backsides make sitting very hard for them.

If your Greyhound has other funny or unusual habits, please tell us in the comments section, we would like to know!

What kind of temperament do Greyhounds have?

  • Even if Greyhounds look very aggressive dogs as they were bred for hunting and racing, they are one of the gentlest dogs in the world.
  • They are also very affectionate, intelligent, loyal and very quiet indoors. But outdoors they tend to chase any moving object.
  • They extremely love being with their owners and families, and don’t like to be alone if they are alone for too long, they don’t feel well. Getting them another dog or pet is a good idea as they are good with other dogs and pets if raised together!
  • This breed likes peaceful, quiet and calm environments. They are very sensitive and they do not feel well in an environment with loud or high pitched sounds.
  • In addition, this dog breed seldom barks and they are reserved with strangers and sometimes timid.

Are Greyhounds friendly?

  • Yes, they are friendly toward people and also friendly toward other pets, because it’s 2 different things. Some dogs can attack others pets but they are very friendly toward people or vice versa.
  • Greyhounds are not aggressive, they love to be around people, and they would rather playing with strangers than attacking them!
  • Greyhounds also like quiet places more than noisy ones, and if the new place is strange for them, they need a little time to get used to it, and you should watch them closely until they are satisfied.
  • In addition, Greyhounds would be the great option for people who have kids!

Are Greyhounds good as hunting dogs?

Are Greyhounds good as hunting dogs?
Greyhound running
  • Like we said before, Greyhounds are born for speed, the thing that makes them great hunters.
  • Greyhounds also known as “40 mph couch potato” and they are the fastest dog breed and the second fastest mammal (after the leopard) in the world.
  • Greyhounds were bred for hunting small preys, like rabbits, birds etc.. and they are specialized in hunting by their sense of sight and not by their sense of smell.
  • Greyhounds also took part in the coursing activity, a sport for dogs “kind of hunting” that involves chasing a small animal such as a rabbit.

Can Greyhounds see well?

Yes, Greyhounds have a great sense of sight, they have eyes placed in the side of their faces what makes their range of vision wide with up to 270 degrees, which is uncommon for other dogs that have eyes placed at the front of their faces!

Greyhounds are also able to see things even if a half mile away from them, especially moving objects (Called Stereaoscopic vision) they see moving objects better than stable ones, and that’s why their owners do some moves when they are calling them out, It makes their dogs see them easily!

Are Greyhounds good outdoor dogs?

  • No not really, they are very sensitive to extreme climate, both hot and cold due to their thin skin and short fur, but they can do well in cold climates if they are wearing a dog coat.. and that’s why you should not keep your dog outside for too long! Also they can be distracted by small animals outside, they have a strong chase instinct, do not let them off your vision only if in a safe area because if they see a small animal, you will not be able to catch them. So it’s better to let them inside the house with soft blanket on.
  • In addition, The Greyhounds will be OK in an apartment if it gets sufficient exercise outside, also a small yard will do OK.

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