What to feed puppies at 6 weeks?

What to feed puppies at 6 weeks?

What to feed puppies at 6 weeks
What to feed puppies at 6 weeks

Many puppy owners ask what to feed puppies at 6 weeks? The first 6 weeks is a critical stage for puppies, as they wean from their mother and begin to live and eat on their own. You should also keep in mind that feeding a puppy is more demanding than feeding an adult dog.

Selecting the right food for your 6 weeks old puppy doesn’t have to be a hard process. When selecting a food for your puppy, there are a few things to remember that will help you to choose the right food. You should look for a food that provides enough nutrition for puppies. In addition to this, you should select food with the highest quality ingredients.

[icon name=”paw” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] So now what can I feed a puppy at 6 weeks?

Puppies at 6 weeks should be fully transitioned onto a quality kibble or an appropriate raw /homemade diet.

You can try giving your puppy dry food, blended moistened with a little water. If he refuses to eat it, try moistening it with milk, but not cow’s milk because it can causes diarrhea in dogs. Moisten it with a little warm goat’s milk. Alternately, soften the food with a milk replacement formula designed for a puppy’s digestive system. You can blend puppy dog food with milk.

Always provide your puppy with a constant source of fresh water to keep her hydrated and healthy. This is especially important if adapting to a new puppy food is giving her diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration.

A puppy’s digestive system is still immature and by switching your puppy’s food (plus the stress of moving to a new home), can result in diarrhea and digestion issues. By adding the food she was eating to the new food you giving her, she stands a better chance of adapting without issues. Call the breeder or the shelter and ask what’s the food your puppy was eating before you brought her home (if he didn’t already give you a small bag of the food).

Take note that it is very important to feed your puppy throughout the day in small portions, puppies are typically fed 4 evenly sized meals a day. Also, do not overfeed your puppy.

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