Are French Bulldogs disobedient?

Are French Bulldogs disobedient? Not really, as it sounds. Frenchies are not disobedient, they are just a little harder to train than other breeds because they just love to do it their way, and even sometimes they just don’t understand what you are asking them to do!  It’s better to start training your French Bulldog … Continue reading “Are French Bulldogs disobedient?”

Do Greyhounds have any unusual or funny habits?

Do Greyhounds have any unusual or funny habits?  Yes, they do! And sometimes these habits can without a doubt make their owners laugh. – They sometimes sleep flat on their backs with their legs up in the air, funny habit isn’t it? And the reasons why they sleep on their backs, first it’s because they … Continue reading “Do Greyhounds have any unusual or funny habits?”

Are Yorkshire Terriers Curious Dogs?

Are Yorkshire Terriers curious dogs?   Yorkies are very curious dog breed that have no fear and love to stick their noses and paws everywhere. To them if something is new, they should explore it and give it a try, until they understand that it’s painful or boring. Yorkshire Terriers also love to sniff, lick, … Continue reading “Are Yorkshire Terriers Curious Dogs?”