How to make dog clothes from old clothes?

How to make dog clothes from old clothes
Dog jacket

If you want to dress up your dog, and keep it warm and fashionable with an easy dog jacket, for no cost and no hassle, this is a DIY for you! Read on and learn how to make dog clothes from old clothes. We’re sure that you’ll love it!

There are many reasons why we dress up our pups: Sometimes it’s because they look absolutely adorable, and sometimes to keep them warm during cold weather.. and more! And there’s also many advantages to making your own dog clothes, including saving money, controlling the fabrics and designs, and clothes that fits well.

In this tutorial we’ll be showing you guys how to make the cutest dog accessory using your old fleece pants, it’s so easy and no sew needed!

The supplies you will need are scissors, measuring tape if available, and an old fleece pants.

Step 1

First, you need to take your pup’s measurements (you can add 2cm for a comfortable fit). Measure your dog from the start of his neck down to where his tail starts. If you don’t have a measuring tape simply lay the shirt on the dog’s back and mark it.

Step 2

Take the pants, roll the ribbed cuff section back to give that haller collar nice look.

Dog clothes from old clothes DIY

Step 3

Mark distance between front legs on fabric. Cut the openings big enough for your pup’s paws to fit through.

Step 4

Reposition the fabric so the side seams to run along each side of your pet. Cut the fabric to get a better measurement on your dog’s back.

Dog dresse DIY homemade

Step 5

Using back measurement, cut the fabric on an angle. And that’s it, you can try the jacket on your doggy now!

This was how to make dog clothes from old clothes, we hope your dog loves it!
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