10 Best doghouses (Which one should I buy)

10 Best doghouses (Which one should I buy)
Wooden Doghouse

Contrary to other reviews on the internet, our review is part like a personal review, we research the web tracking down what other people are stating about the best doghouses and what rating out of 10 they gave them. The benefit from this is that you save time! Go ahead and read as we share with you some amazing insulated / large dog houses.

When choosing an Outdoor or Indoor doghouse, you have to find a house that is the right size for your dog, in which your dog can sit up, turn around in, as well as lying down easily.. Because a house which is too tight it won’t make your dog comfortable, or else they will prefer to sleep outside and if it’s too large for them, they won’t stay warm enough and won’t feel safe either.

Quick Overview: Best Doghouses


It’s not about how much money you invest to buy a dog house, it’s about is it worth it! there are a variety of different dog houses on the market today with different shapes, qualities and prices! So make sure that the dog house you are buying fulfill your dog’s needs and it’s the right one for him! So here is some tips to consider before buying one:

[icon name=”paw” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] The size:  As we mentioned, make sure you choose the right size doghouse, make sure that you know his weight and length for measuring him for the Right Dog House.
[icon name=”paw” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] The doghouse should have a ventilation to let the air circulate through it, so it won’t cause health and breathing problems.
[icon name=”paw” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] If you have a puppy you will need to get a doghouse that will fit for him when he grows up, so you won’t need to spend money again.

[icon name=”paw” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] OUR TOP 10 PICKS

We all know that it’s hard to find the perfect dog house for your doggy.. so here is a list of top 10 best doghouses that would be great for your dog. Their ratings are based on the quality, features and price!

#10. Suncast DH350 Dog House

This doghouse by Suncast is at present one of the most popular plastic doghouses on Amazon.

The special thing about is: It includes letters to personalize with your pet’s name! that’s awesome right ? It’s also attractive, safe, easy to assemble with its pretty standard look and vents to provide air circulation.

Totally great for dogs up to 100 pounds.

Online reviewers rated this house 8.8 stars out of 10: 

“Economical Dog House for a Large Dog”
“The doghouse arrived quickly and was easy to assemble. Perfect for my Boxer puppy”
“Durable, Affordable, and Great For Summertime”
“Roomy, protection from wind and rain, not insulated but excellent for the price and perfect for our needs”

#9. TRIXIE Pet Products Rustic Dog House

Another dog house by TRIXIE, if you’re looking for a more traditional looking dog house, this Trixie product can be the one for you. Weatherproof solid pine construction with draft resistant tongue.

Compatible with TRIXIE’s plastic dog door which is sold separately. Suitable for large dog breeds weighing up to 70 pounds such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers.

It has also a removable raised floor that allows air to circulate inside. Quick and easy assembly.

Other online reviewers affirmed: 

“Nice dog house, older problems have been fixed, but instructions could be better”
“Beautiful doghouse and easy to assemble…”
“A well built quality product, well worth the price.”
“Matches description and was easy to put together”

#8. Pet mate Indigo Dog House with Microban

What people love about this one is that it looks like an Igloo, it has a big popularity, made a lot of sales recently. It’s very durable and sturdy, manufactured using Micro ban, which helps to fight the growth of bacteria, odors, mildew etc.. that can accumulate inside or around the doghouse.

It Has A Roof vent which helps with continual air flow, also it’s easy to install, no tools required. Ideal for dogs up to 175 pounds.

Some good helpful reviews: 

“Perfect home for your fur baby! my Doberman Pinscher love it”
“Our Beagle is super happy in this dog house”
“The Petmate Indigo House is greatly above what I expected. It houses 6 ferrel cats. It is well constructed andI would recommend.”
“This is a great outdoor house, and much cheaper to buy on Amazon.”

#7. TRIXIE Pet Products Dog Club House

The design is lovely and it looks absolutely beautiful inside and outside, it’s also solid, weatherproof pine construction with draft resistant tongue and groove design, exactly what every doggy needs. Available in many different sizes for dogs up to 95 lbs such as a Retrievers or Shepherds.

The flat, hinged roof can be propped open using two locking arms for additional ventilation, as well as easy cleaning.

What other pet owners stated about this doghouse: 

“Great dog house, well made, ans attractive to look at”
“No damage to package and is sturdy when constructed.. Rottweiler approved!”
“The quality of this dog house was better than I anticipated after reading the reviews”
“We have 2 beagles and they love this house”

#6. Suncast DH250 Dog House

Another popular dog house on the market from Suncast, but much cheaper than other.  Made from durable tough resin with crowned floor, what makes it great for both indoor and outdoor uses.

It also includes a removable vinyl door so your canine can stay warm inside.

It has a simple design as you see what makes it very easy to assemble and disassemble, great house for breeds up to 70 lbs.

Online reviewers rated this house 9 stars out of 10 stating: 

“Love it!! Great purchase! I bought this size and extra large size, for each dog”
“The quality of the door flaps was much better than expected”
“It’s been about 3 months and my Lab can easily get in and out of the house”
“More than a dog house!”

#5. Arf Frame Dog House with Dark Frame

One of the most popular Dog Houses,  looking, easy assembly and Naturally Resistant to the weather. The Arf Frame provides your pet their own comfortable environment.

The Primary Wood in Pet Squeak Dog Houses is Cunninghamia Lanceolata, commonly referred to as “White Cedar” or “Stained White wood”. This special wood is renowned for it’s strong fresh aroma, pest resistance, and appearance. Many sizes and shapes are available ( small to large breeds )

What other reviewers stated: 

“Best Purchase Ever For Us!”
“Awesome house for my 60 lb Siberian Husky Mix”
“I bought an x-small and it was super easy to assemble and fits a regular size Beagle ..”
“Great little dog house for a great price!”

#4. Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior Dog House

This is one of the best wooden dog houses, it looks traditional, stylish and charming (will looks amazing in any yard) . Made with functional wood that will keep pets warm in both wet and cold environments . A waterproof roof and a raised floor with plastic feet to keep water out, and that makes it a perfect outdoor house.

The off center entrance provides extra space for your doggy to move, play and turn inside easily.

It has also plastic feet and a raised floor that keeps pets dry in rainy weather.

Available in 3 sizes, the large size can suit dogs from 70 to 95 lbs.

Other reviewers rated this house 8.9 out of 10 stating: 

“Ordered a second one (providing a few tips)”
“Great for “visitors” in the back yard, especially in winter”
“Looks good and works well for my Poodle.”
“easy to put together and also has insulation kit and door to fit”

#3. ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater

This Insulated dog palace is rotationally molded with plastic, and it’s one of the most practical doghouses on the market, very insulated which is good for dogs in some intense temperature both hot and cold (constructed with an insulation material “recycled ESP foam”),  works very well for medium to large dog breeds. It features also a sloped floor that has a drain hole to make the cleaning and also the floor is insulated and raised 4 inches to provide a dry and warm bed for your canine.

A normal dog’s body heat will increase the temperature inside the

Dog house about 25 degree in the winter without an extra source of heat,  for example if it’s 15 degree outside, the temperature will be something near 40 degrees with your dog inside.

This Dog Palace is very easy to assemble and takes just few minutes.

Some great online reviews: 

“they can stay in these dog palaces without added heat and they do fine. Great product”
“Nice house for my Yorkshire Terrier.”
“They seem to be very happy in the palace”

#2. Confidence Pet Waterproof Plastic Dog Kennel Outdoor Winter House

This large doghouse is one of popular dog houses and got a lot of sales recently made of tough and durable plastic, but still lightweight enough to be moved around at your place. It looks simple and good.

Easy to assemble and excellent for both winter and summer. Dogs don’t mind the plastic looking as long as you’re fine with it.

It has also a big internal volume, so your dog can move and play comfortably and what’s makes it great for medium /large and extra large breeds.

Possibility of adding a doorway cover to keep you doggy warm and dry.

Some helpful reviews: 

“Spacious enough for two medium to large size dogs IF they like to snuggle”
“This has to be one of the best SNAP TOGETHER DOG HOUSE EVER”
“One of the best doghouses ever”
“We are using this as a duck house and the best part is the floor”

#1.Our top 1 pick: Petsfit Dog House, Dog House Outdoor

Another outdoor large dog house Great for medium to large dogs (up to 140 lbs). Treated with WATER-BASED paint which is safer for your doggy.

Good simple design with a fair durable construction.

Has volume enough for your dog to play and sleep at without worrying or being bothered by outside conditions.

Easy assembly with just a few steps, and the roof can be hinged so you an clean it up from inside easily.

Plastic Door for Flat Roof can be attached to it.

Standing up against the forces of nature, making it a great option for outdoor use.

Some useful reviews: 

“SERIOUSLY GREAT. I recommend this product to anyone”
“Stop reading reviews, and buy this already!”
“it’s been outdoor the entire time and I’m pretty pleased to say it’s held up well”
“Easy to assemble and my Golden Retriever loves it!”

  • A dog house isn’t only useful for owners who keep their pets outside but also for those who keep them inside, and that’s for many reasonable reasons:

[icon name=”paw” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Every Dog needs to feel safe and secure while sleeping, the thing that dog houses provide.
[icon name=”paw” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Dogs are also sensitive to the weather, so it keeps them warm in the winter and cool during the summer.
[icon name=”paw” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] It fulfills dog’s mental and spiritual needs and satisfy their feelings.
[icon name=”paw” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] It gives dogs their own personal space.

  • The Most Materials Used for Dog Houses are:

[icon name=”paw” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Plastic is weatherproof, waterproof, lightweight, easy to clean and assemble, durable, portable and travel friendly.

[icon name=”paw” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Wood is very durable and stable and provides a calming environment, weatherproof and provides protection against pets.

In this article, we reviewed top 10 best doghouses on the market today. So you are now full of knowledge and recommendations to help you choose the perfect house for your dog.

So.. Which dog house did you like? Tell us in the comments section.. We would like to know!

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