3 Best dog teeth cleaning toys [reviews]

Best dog teeth cleaning toys
Best dog teeth cleaning toys

One of the easiest ways to keep your dog’s teeth clean is by giving him a treat that is designed to do just that. Dog dental chew toys are designed to scrape plaque and tartar off the teeth and massage the gums to improve dental health with their ridges and nubs. Your dog won’t know that he’s cleaning his teeth while chewing, so keeping his teeth clean will be easier for you. Read on as we share with you the best dog teeth cleaning toys.

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Top 3 best dog teeth cleaning toys:

[icon name=”paw” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] #3. KONG Dental Durable Rubber, Teeth and Gum Cleaning Dog Toy.

This is top 3 dental chew toy, made in USA. It has some unique Denta-Ridges that clean teeth while providing a chewing outlet.

The rubber is durable, natural, completely safe and satisfy your dog’s natural instincts.

Available in two sizes: Medium and Large for large breeds.

Some useful online reviews:

  • Great with the right size treat: Big holes so small treats fall out
  • GREAT for my lab puppy who can chew and eat almost any toy within a couple of days!
  • Large breed – works great!
  • German Shepherd tested, German Shepherd approved.

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[icon name=”paw” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] #2. Wisedom Dog Toothbrush Resistant Chew Toy for Dogs

This one is special because It’s designed to clean teeth in all directions, due to its perfect ridges and nubs.

Made with High Quality Non Toxic Natural Rubber, encourages pets to clean their teeth.

Available in 3 sizes, small, medium and large for large breeds such as labradors, golden retrievers..

Some online reviews about this dental chew toy:

  • Good quality & comfortable for me to hold!
  • It has survived longer than most toys my dog chews on!
  • Safe way to keep a dog’s mouth healthy.
  • Great for my elderly dog.
  • Amazing quality and a Must buy.

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[icon name=”paw” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] #1. Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy.

This is our top 1 recommendation, It’s made in the USA, and It’s the most sold dental chew toy on the market.

It’s cleverly designed so your pup can get a good chew going.

Made with 100% real food ingredients for irresistible flavor and scent.

Available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.
And 3 flavors: Real bacon, real chicken and real peanut.

Some good reviews online:

  • A big win for my extremely aggressive chewer!
  • Durable, and apparently delicious.. great for strong chewers.
  • A Great Addition to the Labs Toy Box
  • Keeps our 65 pound puppy busy and away from chewing on furniture!

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