Are French Bulldogs disobedient?

Are French Bulldogs disobedient?
Disobedient Frenchie

Not really, as it sounds. Frenchies are not disobedient, they are just a little harder to train than other breeds because they just love to do it their way, and even sometimes they just don’t understand what you are asking them to do!

  • It’s better to start training your French Bulldog when they still little puppies! And when your doggy responds to something correctly reward him with a treat that he’s going to get really excited about, maybe some food, snacks or a toy that he likes.
  • You should be patient when training your French Bulldog. Sometimes you may get disappointed when your dog refuse to do something when asked, but just try to stay patient and calm, and with time they will absolutely learn the rules of the house!
  • Also It’s better when training your Frenchie, that he gets commands only by you and not by many other persons, because many rules and commands will only confuse him and he won’t learn it the right way.
  • Repetition is also very important when training your puppy, for example when teaching him a new command, make sure to repeat it over and over in different conditions and places so he can realize what it means, before moving to next command!
  • Finally, whatever your stubborn Frenchie does, do not get angry and yell at him, and also never hit him, this will only frighten him and will extend the training process. And always remember that our dogs never try to make us mad or angry on purpose!

So what do you think, are Frenchies really disobedient?

What kind of temperament do French Bulldogs have?

Frenchies are quite smart and fun clownish dogs. They like to play and like to enjoy any activity that keeps them close to their owners. They don’t need much exercise, at night they are more than happy to just lie and relax on a sofa after taking their nice daily walk. They are also very friendly and well behaved around other animals and new people and make a great companion for the elderly. They are a little stubborn which means you can have some troubles while training them, and that doesn’t mean they are wild but just they like to do it their own way like we said before!

Also there is some differences between male and female Frenchies, males are more likely to be aggressive, playful and confident but females can often be a little more timid and very affectionate but both of them are friendly and loving.
And Finally they are in the top 10 most popular dogs according to the AKC due to their sweet temperaments and personalities.

Are French Bulldogs social?

Are French Bulldogs stubborn?
Smiling Frenchie

Yes they are very social dogs, and they like to spend hours playing and chilling out with their owners and families! They are very playful, loving and affectionate to their owners, especially the female Frenchies. They are always full of energy and ready for a game and they can play for a long period if you let them!

They are sociable dogs that can do well with strangers, children and other pets, and adapt very well to new places, also rarely when they get shy or jealous and will be happy to live with other dogs.

In short, this breed makes a great companion for families of all sizes and ages especially the ones with children and elderly people.

Are French Bulldogs athletic?

  • The French Bulldog needs to be taken on daily walks so they don’t become overweight since they are prone to weight gain! They would prefer being taken on a walk with a person leading the way than running around a big yard, cause Frenchie’s instinct tell them that they are made to heel behind or beside a person holding the lead. But, if you are too busy with work and you don’t have much time, these little dogs can simply lie on the sofa and relax all day long (unlike some other dog breeds).
  • In fact, they will get tired if they exercise a lot, as they cannot resist hot weathers for long periods of time, cause they can’t perspire and cool themselves off via evaporation like we do, so they have to pant instead and have access to shade and water, as they are also prone to heat strokes.
  • They like more the cool and air conditioned atmospheres, and if the weather is cool, they can run and play for hours if you let them. Also some Frenchies have more energy than others.

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