Are Dalmatians good dogs?

Are dalmations good dogs
Dalmatian dogs

Are Dalmatians good dogs?

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The Dalmatian, sometimes called Spotted Coach Dog, or Carriage Dog (cause they were used as a carriage dog in its early days), is a medium sized dog breed. Its roots trace back to Croatia and its historical region of Dalmatia. The Dalmatian is Known for its unique white, short and sleek coat with brown or black spots. Dalmatians are not born with the spots, they are completely white when born, the spots develop weeks later.

Dalmatians are athletic dogs of good substance, sturdy bone and a muscular body. Male Dalmatians’ height is about 50-60 cm, and females’ height is about 50-55 cm. Both weigh about 25 kg.

Dalmatians became popular in the 18th century. Some were used as coach dogs to trot alongside carriages. Others were used hunting dogs, retrievers and guard dogs.

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  • The Dalmatian makes a good playmate for children, known to be playful, friendly, and affectionate around them. Although it may be too energetic for very small children.
  • Dalmatians are loyal to their owners and families, they are very affectionate, they love to spend time with their owners and family members, and they will cheerfully cuddle up on the couch with them.
  • If Dalmatians are kept alone, or outside the house (in the backyard for example), and not given the opportunity to live with you and share your life, they will bark, growl or dig to catch your attention and to express their unhappiness.
  • Dalmatians can also live peacefully with other dogs and pets, if socialized as a puppy with other pets and people.

[icon name=”paw” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Are Dalmatians energetic dogs?

Yes, Dalmatians are highly energetic, born to work and play hard. That’s why you need to provide them enough exercise. You can also take them on a daily walk, or even when you go jogging, running or riding your bicycle, take them with you, they love to follow their owners. The type of activity doesn’t really matter, the important thing is to give them a regular exercise routine.

Actually, the Dalmatian is a popular family pet, they are great pets for first time dog owners. They travel well, and love to go for car rides.

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